Aquatica Thrill Water Slides POV - Aquatica Water Park 2020

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[4K] Water slides POV at Aquatica Orlando Florida Water Park

A list of Water slide ride you will see in the video:

- KareKare Curl, Aquatica's newest adventure
- Ray Rush family raft ride
- Dolphin Plunge
- Tassie's Twister
- Walhalla Wave
- Omaka Rocka - Funnels ride

Did you know that are 3 Aquatica water parks in the United States?

- Aquatica Orlando in Florida
- Aquatica San Antonio in Texas
- Aquatica San Diego in California

For tickets and info, please visit their official website:

Ride filmed March 2020 at Aquatica Orlando, Florida located right next door to SeaWorld Orlando.